5 harmless tips for those who want to save on transportation

Road transport remains the most universal type of transport, in some cases there are no absolutely alternatives. At the same time, trucking is one of the most expensive modes of transportation. How to make transportation efficient and not incur extra costs? We have selected the main recommendations that should be followed when organizing road transport.

  1. Optimal choice of transport. The choice of transport should correspond to the transported cargo. Firstly, you should get to know the composition of the fleet of the enterprise and clearly understand the differences between the main types of freight transport, their carrying capacity and destination.

Basic types of trucks:

  • flatbed trucks, ordinary or covered with tents;
  • furniture wagons;
  • refrigerators and isothermal wagons.

Determine the volume and weight of your cargo, and then choose a vehicle. The operation of a heavy truck will cost much more. At the same time, you should not underestimate your needs, because you may end up with paying for the truck time, but the cargo will remain in place.

  1. Carefully review the price list. It is very important to find out the main conditions for time-based use of the truck and certain details. For example, some companies offer a low price for the minimum use of transport, which includes the delivery of a truck to a place of loading and 2-3 hours of its use. You can choose this, if you are absolutely confident in the fast transportation, which will not be delayed either by loading, or traffic congestion, or long distance. Otherwise, extra charge for delaying of the truck may turn out to be an unpleasant surprise.
  2. Choose the best time for transportation. When planning the time for loading and unloading and transportation itself, it is important to determine the period when there is the least traffic on the road. Rush hours should be avoided to minimize downtime and fuel consumption. Favorable in this regard are weekends and holidays, when traffic on the roads is minimal. Prepare cargo for fast loading. Fast loading will reduce transport downtime. If possible, it is recommended to adjust the transportation to a time convenient for the carrier company. Even if the time is not quite convenient for you, you can get a good discount in payment. These simple rules will allow you to keep the expenses allocated for trucking at the ideal level for you. “Osiyo 555” will deliver your cargo to anywhere in the Republic of Tajikistan.

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